More Than Your Average SAHM

There are days that I run myself down handling house work, homeschooling, and business life. But if there is one thing I love to do for fun that is crafting! I plan to corelate crafts and share them with you, with special DIY tips as well! Stay tuned for crafts created by my daughter and I. I hope to provide things that are unique, quarkey, and fun!

Creativity in Action

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Experts here? Nah. A Mom who researches to find you the best crafts for fun, yes. I plan to provide you with easy DIY Crafts and fun ” Crafts/Design” Videos.

I recommend them for their amazing heart and showmanship in their work. Our church youth group will only use Spellbound for our yearly Youth Shirts. Please continue the amazing work yall do. They are a great company all around to do business with.

Amanda Slaughter

Sweet lady….biggest heart in the world….fun and snarky goods for all walks of life

Kayla Esparza


Just your typical Mom who tries to do it all. Crafting is a hobby I love and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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Reach out if there is a craft you would like a DIY tutorial on! Or an item you would like made for you!